SLAdiator Plugin

Plugin serves as safe way to get minimal amount of data from your ticketing system. No sensitive data as ticket summary, description, customer information, comments, attachments and etc are sent to SLAdiator.

You have to download one of those plug-ins and ask your ticketing tool administrator to install it on ticketing tool for you.

Currently available SLAdiator plug-ins for JIRA and Jenkins. Up to date downloads on SLAdiator home page

  • plug-in for JIRA 4.1, and above
  • plug-in for Redmine
  • plug-in for Jenkins

SLAdiator tab in JIRA is visible to users that are either project lead or have assigned Administer Project role to them. Other users do not see this tab in JIRA.

Overall schema how your SLA and ticket information get to SLAdiator



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